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Creative & Fun Kids Photography

by Elizabeth Kirian

Elizabeth Kirian takes a fun, silly, natural approach to photographing children. Most parents want to see a smile on their kids face and that is one of Elizabeth's speciality... making kids laugh and smile. With over ten years experience photographing children, Elizabeth has perfected the kids photo shoot.

Prior to the actual photo shoot, Elizabeth likes to get to know the kids a little better before taking pictures. Girls are usually more excited about posing for the camera, while boys would rather be at the dentist. Elizabeth has a special bag of toys she brings to each kids photoshoot to help make the session more fun.

Elizabeth recommends no more than two outfit changes for a session because the kids get bored after an hour session. The best photos are usually in the first few shots while it's still pick your favorite outfit to start.

From sunrise to sunset, Elizabeth captures Human Nature and the beauty of life!

Kirian Photography Studio serves the local areas in St. Joseph and Southwestern Michigan.

Elizabeth's portraits have been published in many print magazines including:

American Wedding, Southern Pinups, Curve and Shore magazine.

Call Kirian Photography Studio for more information (727) 370-7689

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