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Kirian Photography Studio takes an artistic and professional approach to creating your beautiful story. We guanantee your photos will be unique and range from distinctive to cutting edge. We create romantic and whimsical photos to document your wedding in the most beautiful way. Elizabeth takes a more traditional approach to family photos because we believe they are an important part of your big day too.

Our photography style is a blend of artistice, high fashion, traditional and editoral. Most of the day it's all about photographing your real life, interaction with friends and special family moments.

We like to keep up with the trends in wedding photography and provide you with a large variety of visually interesting fine art, vintage processes, black and white photos and high contrast images. It's your big day and we love to work with the bride to give her the most beautiful photography she dreams of.

From sunrise to sunset, Elizabeth captures Human Nature and the beauty of life!

Kirian Photography Studio serves the local areas in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Elizabeth's portraits have been published in many print magazines including:

American Wedding, Southern Pinups, Curve and Shore magazine.

Call Kirian Photography Studio for more information (727) 370-7689

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