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Pinup & Boudoir Photography

Cherry Cheesecake Pinup Photography by Kirian Photography Studio specializes in flirty retro pinup and sexy boudoir pictures. Elizabeth Kirian (photographer/graphic artist) has over a decade of professional experience in photography. Our all female team can make the everyday woman feel beautiful with vintage flair in our 1950's inspired studio. We offer magazine quality photo retouching, vintage inspired makeup and hair and a dressing room full of costumes and props. We do bachelorette and pinup parties for any occasion. We offer Vargas style art in a range of products including calendars, leather bound books, canvas gallery wraps, posters and metal prints.

Pinup photograhy became popular in the 1940's in the United States, but pinup photography has been around since the 1890's. Pinup photos are meant to be displayed, or "pinned up" on a wall. Hence the name. A lesser known term for these pictures are Cheesecake Photos. According to history, the reason the are known as Cheesecake Photos is because men said the pictures, "were better than cheesecake!" And we agree.

We get lots of questions about how much skin "you have to show" for these sexy photos, and the simple answer is, whatever you are comfortable with. If you look at other Cheesecake Photos you will see the women are clothed all differently, some covered more than others. It's all about the sexy twinkle in your eyes, the flirty smile you flash at the camera, and the way you use your props and clothing. It's our job to help you unleash that goddess you have inside and make you feel beautiful and sexy! Indulge your seductive side, and make the one you love say "YOUR PICTURES ARE BETTER THAN CHEESECAKE!"


Let your imagination run wild! Book an appointment today just head over to the contact page or call (727) 370-7689


St. Petersburg, Florida
pinup & boudoir

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